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The Battle Box

A dice-rolling aid for D&D/Tabletop RPG players

What is the Battle Box, and how does it help my D&D game be more fun?
The Battle Box helps players and DMs be more efficient with combat dice rolls at the table. Shake, shake, shake, set it down, and you have rolled your attack, your extra d20 if you have advantage, your weapon's base damage, and your bonus damage from sneak attack, or your weapon being on fire, or whatever other cool thing you're doing.

All of your dice are rolled at once. The slot for a piece of paper at the top of the lid means you don't have to look back and forth to your character sheet to see what your attack roll modifier is, how much your natural abilities add to your damage roll, or whether the blue d6 is cold damage or from Hunter's Mark, or whatever else your character has going on. No special labels are needed - just a strip of paper 1/2" (12.7mm) wide by approximately 11" long. If you're playing multiple games, just make multiple labels and swap them out.

You're not there at the table or online to spend lots of time rolling dice, and you're not there to wait at the table for your friends to pick out their dice and roll their attack roll, then their base damage, then their bonus damage, and then add it all up. If 5 players can save an average of 15 seconds per player per turn in dice time, that's one and a quarter minutes per combat round. If you have twenty rounds of combat, which is only four to six short fights in D&D 5th edition, that adds up to a savings of 25 extra minutes in your game session to do other things.

A typical D&D player might label the box as such:
Attack d20+5 | Adv D20+Bless d4 | 1d6+4 piercing | 1d6 poison | 3d6 sneak attack
This rolls all dice for an attack at one time, separated by type and labeled by the player for easy accounting when dealing with enemies with resistances or vulnerabilities to specific damage types. The label also removes the need to cross-reference to a character sheet to determine what needs to be added to the to-hit or damage rolls.

Players in non-D&D systems can label this however they want for easy use when rolling 2d10 to as a d100, or whatever other dice combinations are needed. The individual compartments easily accommodate up to 4 dice each.

How can I get one? Or several for my entire table?
By backing the Battle Box on Kickstarter! If it's not fully funded, the mold won't get made and none will be produced. Backing at higher levels will reserve more boxes for you.

Will more be available after the Kickstarter is complete?
That depends on the success of the Kickstarter. If it seems like there is a lot of demand, extra Battle Boxes will be produced and reserved for later sales. Exact production details will depend on what can be lined up in the way of production runs and the cost of maintaining unsold inventory.

Post-Kickstarter ordering will likely be through this website, unless a retailer or distributor picks up the product.

What if my character has multiple weapons?
If you have multiple commonly-used weapons, you could use multiple Battle Boxes. If your weapons don't have a lot of riders (flaming, hex, hunter's mark, etc.), two weapons could be accomodated by one box:

Attack / Advantage-Bless dice / Weapon 1 damage / Weapon 2 damage / one box available for a rider effect

Weapons are for meat-shields. My characters only use magic. Why would I need this?
How many different dice are you rolling when you cast Fire Bolt on a target you've Hexed while under the effects of a Bless spell from a cleric?

How would a DM use this?
In mass combats, DMs roll more dice than anyone else! The removable strip of paper can easily be prepared in advance for several different creatures. If your first fight involves four Stone Golems and one wizard, use the Battle Box to roll the 8 slam attacks. If your next fight involves four enemy warlocks using Eldritch Blast in support of their Death Knight boss, swap out the paper and the dice inside, and use the Battle Box to speed up all of the attack rolls for the warlocks.

How do I contact the Battle Box Creator?
E-mail jonathan @ hightowerhomestead .com

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